Sunday Game of the Week - Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter is not your run of the mill Flash game. Your charge is to defend your castle against the waves of marauding warriors, dragons, suicide bombers, mice, giant spiders and chickens. Yes. Chickens. Have mercy!
What makes this game most intriguing is the ever increasing difficulty at every level. It gets frakkin' hard.
It is a castle defense game with some RPG thrown in. Earn gold and action points to build castle, character and weapon upgrades. You can start off solo or with one team member and build your crew as you increase experience. One tip, I tend to start with the Hunter class. I like the crossbow weapon.

Elona Shooter

Addictive? It just may be. I've been playing this off and on for some months. Your progress in Elona Shooter is automatically saved as you go, enabling you to stretch your game out over days, or months. An original take on an old idea. Elona Shooter will fulfill your shoot to kill needs.

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  1. It looks like a fun game. I'm going to try it out.