Save Money By Going To Work

I had an idea on saving money for a long while and when I saw this article on Yahoo Finance I had to put it in words. The Yahoo article talks about saving money at home. Make your own lunch, save a mortgage payment. Do you want to know how to save money? I am going to tell you how to save money on the job.

Over the years I have accumulated a multitude of hours sitting in the bathroom stall at work. During this time I realized that I am saving money on toilet paper. Every time I use the facilities at work, ten or eleven squares of toilet paper are left unused at home.

I purchased a package of 12 rolls of toilet paper at the IGA grocery store for $10.99 CAD. Not the best price but sometimes you do not have the luxury of time for shopping around for the best deals.

According to my calculations, at $10.99 the rolls are 91 cents each. Each roll contains 300 sheets. Each sheet is 0.003053 cents. Let us assume that in a regular sitting I use ten sheets. Ten sheets come to 0.0305 cents. Five working days during the week, we are looking at 0.15 cents. I work 47 weeks during the year, 47 multiplied by 0.15 cents gives us 7.17 cents.

During the course of the year I save 7.17 cents. Not bad. And that doesn't even calculate the days I have diarrhea! Tomorrow we will take a look at all the money I am saving on soap.

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