Please Return My Dignity

I was a little angry yesterday. Today I am better. I had a beer. Now I'm drinking coffee. I will switch back to beer shortly. But in the meanwhile, let me tell you about something that will continue to be a regular theme for me. Toilets. And this is where my headline kicks in.

I work in a big office tower in downtown Montreal. Everyday at 3:15PM the cleaning crew scrubs down the bathrooms. If you time things just right, you get a nice clean bowl. If you don't time things right, the nasty lady from the cleaning crew stands there with the door wide open waiting for you to leave.

Okay, she is more clueless than nasty. How would you feel sitting in a closed stall with your pants around your ankles and the hallway door wide open? Got the image in your head? Now, same picture, but add a lot of fibre. It's a busy hallway. I would like a little privacy. And I get in trouble for hiding her cleaning cart.
Toilet Head

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