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Long before Mafia Wars came along, I got hooked on internet gaming. I do not like purchasing games as they do not hold my interest long enough to make it worth the purchase. After a month they usually end up in the junk drawer - I may make an exception when it comes to EA’s NHLWhile there are tons of games available, I was looking for hassle free sites. No registration, no pop-ups, no hidden links and above all, free to play.

I developed a particular interest in the Tower Defense genre. I do not remember which version came first. There are so many of them. Flash Element TD was the first that I discovered. The concept apparently comes from World of Warcraft III.

In the future I’ll list the best online games period. Here below are some of the best Tower Defense games. Not necessarily a Top Ten list. But these are some of the best and with which I didn’t mind wasting time.
Click the links in the titles to go to the games.

The first one that I became aware of. It’s basic and a whole lot of fun. Less strategy required than some of the later games.

The sequel is a whole lot different from the first. Smoother graphics, both the appearance and movement. Simpler in some ways.

This one will keep you busy for a long time. It has many levels and becomes increasingly difficult. You may need a walk-through. You will also need a fast computer for the higher levels. It is one of the best.

Cool. Really cool. Several versions, I prefer this original. Music is okay and not as offensive as most online games. Cool graphics. Like I said, cool.

There was something about this game that makes it one of the most fun. 
There are six missions, each tougher than the one before.

This is the original version. I thought it was goofy when I first saw it but ended playing it for a while. Several versions, see below.

Many options with this version of Desktop TD. This “Pro” version could keep you busy for hours.

If this is the first TD game you play you may like it. I am just throwing in because of the theme. I fell on it the other day. Nothing special and not original. Just hyping the Avengers and Iron Man theme. If you like Iron Man you may like this.

This one is a little different. Pick your Archer, Mage or Ninja. There are a couple different versions of Ultimate Defense. Nice looking board. Pretty to look at.

Wasn’t sure about this one at first. Quirky and amusing. I wouldn’t start on this one but after playing Desktop and some of the others you may like the change.

This one is relatively new and a little more advanced then the other games. Cursed Treasure is challenging and you will have to strategize throughout all the levels. I would place this in the Top Three.

That's it for today. I have to figure out where that smell in my fridge is coming from. If you are looking for hassle free sites, no registration, no pop-ups, no hidden links and above all, free to play, try to some of these game links. 

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