Some People are Really Stupid

Sticking my hand in the Garbarator.
Some people are really stupid. Take me for example. I have a garbarator. I have had this garbarator for eleven months. It came with the home when I bought it. Just like anything else that is new to me, I read the directions. Some of the instructions are those typical, 'Don't stick body parts between the moving blades' type instructions. The rest discuss maintenance and cleaning.

I do not think I would have gone out of my way to purchase a garbarator. But there are benefits. I do not have to remember to compost my food scraps. I do not have to feel guilty about not remembering to compost my food scraps.

Stupid spinning blades-I can almost reach..
My buddy Mike over at We Work For Cheese uses worms and robots and small animals to compost. That's too labour intensive for me. Hmm... I had a point when I started typing. Right. I am stupid. Before you turn on a garbarator, remove the fork from the drain. I usually check the drain before I turn it on. Garborator still works. But I had to pry the fork lose with a screwdriver.

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